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When photographing teams on game day Tru-View Photography understands  the needs and wants of all concerned.  The coach who is wanting to focus on the game, the kids  (especially the young ones), who are generally over excited and the parents who expect and deserve a fantastic attentive photo of their child.

As such, all teams are photographed in a timely manner with all preparation ie socks pulled up, height order placement etc, done whilst waiting on those inevitable late comers.  Teams are photographed in a balanced and efficient manner either inside where a large neutral coloured backdrop is used to hide unsightly change room or brick walls, or outside if weather permits.

Split level seated benches are used to accommodate those in both an Under 9 or Under 17 age bracket.   This ensures all players are photographed with their feet firmly on the ground, and not either dangling in the air, or wrapped around their chins.

Team photos are produced in an 8 x 12 format with the club name, logo and colours on the photo, along with player names and of course the image.



By taking advantage of the latest in photo technology by using a Canon 1D MK IV,  which captures 10 frames a second, and 40 sequential shots before it needs to take a moment, Tru-View is able to capture that mark, tackle, hit, catch, drive or jump from start to finish.  Photos taken are available for purchase as either part of a collage or individually if preferred.

With in excess of 25 years experience in photographing Softball, Football, Basketball, Cricket, and gymkhana’s, our photographers know just where to sit or stand to capture those magic moments.

All action photos  will be posted on the website within 4 days of being photographed and can be purchased via our online shop in a variety of ways.


For further information for either Team or Action photos please contact Cindy.