In the store now:  Charlesworth-Walsh Dance Centre Troupe photos.  

Calisthenics and Ballet Schools

The Tru-View Photographic team are always mindful to pose each student to their best advantage, keeping in mind the students ability level.

Consultation with the principal or teacher is sometimes necessary to ensure technical requirements are met as well as achieving good composition of the individual portrait or group, and achieving lovely but not over exaggerated facial expressions.

As most schools have classes of tiny tots and tinies, Tru-View photographers have a clear understanding of the littlies concentration levels, and work accordingly.   For the older more experienced age groups, a little more time is spent with composition to showcase the skill level the students have.

All images are edited colour corrected and hand cropped prior to selling.

Viewing days are normally held at the dance studio, whereby the individual photos that have been specifically requested are purchased, and group photos are ordered.

The club receives a copy of each group photo in a neatly presented album, and commissions are negotiated if requested.